The Institute for Civilization and Culture (ICK) was formed in 1997 as an autonomous and independent research institute for the research, cultural, developmental, educational, publishing and consulting activities. The Institute's research activities narrow down from the broad areas of civilization and culture to the social, civil, urban and cultural aspects of human existence: exploring issues of national culture, interest, identity, promotion, language; issues of cultural, educational and scientific policies and their integration into national and global development; issues of spatial and environmental regulation; development of media and media space, the emergence of new media and information relations, issues of human rights, rule of law, citizens' participation in the decision-making process - questions concerning the civilization attitude of the country and its development in the 21st century. Recently ICK places its research priority to the following areas: cultural integration and research cooperation within the wider European area (with the focus on the Slavic countries and the Balkans), human freedom, ecology and human impact on the environment, the relationship between society and technology and the use of new media.

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